I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.
— Walt Disney

In a nutshell.

Story is at the heart of everything I create; without story, you have no content—only images. Who is my audience, and what do I want to tell them? Who are our characters, and what makes them tick? Where are they now, and where are they going? How will this edit communicate the ideal message and tone? My knowledge of engaging audiences and consumers as well as my passion for creative story telling and experience in collaborative environments have been my strongest assets in projects ranging from pre to post production. Naturally a researcher, I find myself constantly striving to educate myself on any subject that piques my interest.

My upbringing instilled me with urban energy and drive, but with southern hospitality and charm. I spent the first four years of my life in New York City and Chicago, then moved to Nashville, TN where I completed all my schooling. After two years in Los Angeles studying theater at CalArts, I transferred to Columbia College in Chicago where I pursued my BA in Cinema Arts & Sciences. I received my BA in December of 2015, graduating summa cum laude. 

In 2016 I was hired as an assistant editor for Flare Studios at Energy BBDO in Chicago, where I was promoted to Junior Editor in 2017, and to Editor a year later. I provided editorial and graphics services on social campaigns, FB, IG, and Snapchat optimizations, animatics, online videos, Cannes, Effie, and Jay Chiat videos, pitch videos, brand sizzle videos, and broadcast spots. My clients ncluded Bayer (Aleve, Claritin, Clarispray, Dr. Scholls, One A Day), SC Johnson (Raid, All Out, Ziploc, Windex), Wrigley (Extra, Orbit), Home Instead, Kerrygold, and Luxottica (Pearle Vision).

In the fall of 2018, I joined the team of NBC Digital’s social media show Stay Tuned, a fully social facing news program that services Millennials and Gen Z with updated news run downs in 2 minutes or less. I serve as an editor on the daily Snapchat and Instagram show, as well as on our YouTube platform which delivers short form explainer content and extended segment series.

When not in front of my computer striving to make an edit just right, I most often find myself in front of my bookshelf, struggling to decide which book to read next. I love playing ukulele (I have two), making bomber jackets (florals till I die), and putting way too much effort into my Halloween costumes every year which I make myself (Peter Pan was my favorite so far).